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Mad River Valley: Crucible of Change

In cooperation with the Vermont Folklife Center and the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund, the Friends of the Mad River sponsored the creation of an oral history of the Mad River Valley. Originally a nine part radio series, this tape reflects the extensive change that occurred in the Mad River Valley since World War II. Electricity, tractors and indoor plumbing replaced lanterns, work horses, and outhouses while a cash driven tourist economy supplanted a livelihood gained through barter and subsistence farming. The ski industry brought a population explosion and lively economic growth. This story of transformation is told through different voices of the community, through personal anecdotes and memories rich in emotion and humor. Frank commentary reveals differences in attitudes and values between natives and "flatlanders." To purchase a copy of this tape please contact the Friends of the Mad River Office or visit the Vermont Folklife Center's webpage.

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