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Guiding Principles

To succeed in finding and making wise individual and community choices for the river, each of us must develop, cultivate and put into action a river ethic. We can do this:
  • by being in awe of and appreciating nature, its complexity, its artistry, its fragility as well as its stability;
  • through hard work, careful observation and attention to detail, becoming aware of and developing an understanding of natural phenomena and human impact on nature;
  • with awareness and understanding, developing a vision of what is possible for the future;
  • by acting with compassion, courage and leadership as needed to meet the challenges that face the river;
  • by trusting that by working together in the community with compassion for each other and for nature, we all will benefit.
The following principles are intended to guide the Board's actions in carrying out this mission:
  • Respect opposing views and keep an open mind to new information, changes and ways that the river can be restored and protected.
  • The long-term sustainability and health of the watershed is attained by balancing social, economic and environmental values.
  • The river has inherent worth which may be difficult or impossible to put into economic terms.
  • There are ecological truths that we have yet to learn.
  • A healthy Mad River Watershed is necessary for a healthy community.  Education of ourselves and others, community support, and broad participation are key to protecting the river.
  • Using our knowledge, experience and resources, we will speak for and represent the river in all proceedings where it may be affected.

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